It is finally that season of the year where the weather, climate & food are the most favorable. Every part of the world is cold & cozy. However, winters in every region will vary. But today we are going to talk about the essentials of any wardrobe & see how you can style it as per your country. Hot chocolate, Barbeques & Gajar ( Carrot ) halwa are on its way. The way your body craves good food, the same way your body craves good clothes. We are going to put an end to your what to wear question. You know its winter when you see people around in boots, cardigans, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.  Nayshas provides you a whole new variety of ideas for creating an illusion of a premium designer outfit without investing much in it in the following ways:

  • BOOTS: Sneakers or shoes are replaced with boots in winter. You can wear ankle-length boots with your go-to denim or even pants. Boots are going to be a statement even if you just go for a normal tee with your denim. You can instantly look premium by wearing knee-length boots with your shorts, miniskirts or even one-piece dresses.  The best part is you can get your hands on boots from any local market or premium store depending on your personal choice.
  • CARDIGANS: One piece of good fitting cardigan can do wonders for you. Knitted open front cardigans have to be my personal favorite. You can literally style it with a belt, layer it under a camisole or wear it as a dress. Although it is winter and the trend says nude & subtle colors, yet you can totally go for bright colors as one should always opt for uncommon things and be a trend creator. Cardigans are seen on B town celebrities to Hollywood.
  • SWEATSHIRT: Sweatshirts prove handy when you are running late. Just grab a sweatshirt and you are good to go. They are trending the most in India. It keeps you warm & also can be worn on a daily basis as it keeps you covered making it easy to commute in public transport as well. You can get various color options for different prints in it. Sweatshirts with a cap look super adorable and cute. The best combo that can be created from sweatshirts has to be denim shorts, sweatshirts & long boots. I cannot stop emphasizing on how classy this outfit can turn out. One must try this trio & explore the trend.
  • BEANIE: The word beanie is been derived from the word ‘bean’. It can be described as the head-hugging hat. Beat the cold or Style statement? Beanie is for your rescue. They are so in & trending these days. They look super cute & also will serve your purpose and keep you warm. They are available in various designs & patterns. Embellished, Pom-pom, Ruffles is highly seen these days. You can style beanie with literally anything & everything. It will never fail to compliment you and your outfit. Also, did you know that beanies are famous among men too? Yes, you heard it right. It is for sure a ‘throw & go’ accessory.
      • KNITTED JUMPER DRESS: Now you can flaunt your legs even in winter. The jumper dress is for your rescue. You can opt for a relaxed version or form-fitting this dress will do all justice. To add a statement you can pair it with thigh-high boots or a winter coat on top. You can go for monochrome or nude’s jumper & style with color pop boots or coats. A well balance of colors is essential for a good look. Also, the knitted jumper dress looks super cute & adorable at the same time.  
      • BLANKET SCARF: Often termed as old school but how can we not consider the advantages of it. Scarf is passed by many generations & further too it will. I remember my great grandparents using it. It is possibly the most economical item. You can layer it around your neck or can also use it to enhance your outfit. You can get 10 different ideas on the internet today to style your scarf in different ways. Also, they are super easy to imitate the same. Fur scarves, knitted scarves are a few types of scarves. It is an effortless yet elegant addition to any of your winter outfits. Here the concept of “The Bigger, The Better” applies correctly. You can throw it on your shoulder or can make multiple rounds of it.
      • SHAWL: Shawls should be declared as the perfect & the coziest piece of statement. It’s a winter wrap that keeps you warm. The main positive element is the size of the shawl which helps you protect yourself from the wind. You can style your shawl as a scarf too. Else you can wrap a shawl & cinch it with a belt. This will not only make you bold but also warm & covered. You can get shawls in different range, synthetic and acrylic on inferior side while the wool, cashmere silk, cotton on the premium side.  In India, it is widely used because of its availability. Shawls are really meant to soothe your soul.
      • GLOVES: Gloves are most commonly used in the frozen region. The regions were your hands tend to freeze because of snow at that time gloves come into the picture. Apart from color & design, there is as such no variation in gloves. However while purchasing gloves you should take a look at its fabric, functionality, dexterity, etc. Lightweight travel glove, touchscreen glove, waterproof glove, extreme cold resistant glove are some of the types of gloves. One should make a wise choice as per the requirement. Multiple function winter gloves are the ones that are used to meet a variety of Jobsite applications. They not only help to combat the cold but also serve other purposes like cut protection, waterproof insulted, gripping capabilities, etc.
      • SWEATERS: I still remember my school days, wearing a maroon sweater the entire winter. Again it is something passed down by our ancestors. I can assure you, in your big fat family you can trace someone wearing a sweater. However, the woolen used was not liked by everybody.  But now the tables have turned. The woolen used today is so soft and it really soothes your skin out there. You can get so fancy sweaters in the market. Nude to popping colors, full sleeve to short sleeve and many. You name any color or design and it is there in the market. Sweaters look great with collared shirt & goes with everything including midi skirt to leather pants.
      • TIGHTS: Tights are often termed as stockings in many countries of the world. Tights / Stockings are known for their multi-purpose. It can be used in winters as well as summers. They are not season oriented. It can be defined as that garment which is tightly fitted covering the leg from foot to knees or sometimes the entire thigh. They are available in different colors, designs & are transparent. Stockings/Tights are primarily used with mid-length skirts or shorts. There are separate stocking available in the market for winters which help you fight against cold.
      • COATS: Coat can be defined as a garment worn on the body by either sex which covers the upper body in a way that it can keep you warm and also fashionable. It usually has long sleeves & is front open, closing by means of button, zipper, belt, toggles or combination of the same. Color block, printed, embellished, furry are some of its type. Coats look really hot with boots. You can wear it as a whole or can layer on any top. Coats are available in various length, some are till your waistline while some are knee-length. In winters it is obvious that your out-wear is going to be an important aspect.  Hence invest in one good coat as inner as well as outer material should be of premium quality.
      • JACKET: Jackets are so carefree to wear & stylish. Any jacket whether it be denim, leather or cotton will do, till it serves your winter purpose. The best part is you can use your same denim jacket all-round the year. Bomber, quilted, puffer, reversible are some types of jackets commonly found. Jackets can instantly lift up your groom & mood. Nayshas has some amazing designs in their premium jacket collection. The prints are so bubbly & a treat to watch someone wearing. The best among the entire collection has to be Elephant Print Jacket & Mastani Jacket

  • ELEPHANT PRINT JACKET: As the name suggest this jacket has elephant print all over it. Have you ever seen or even thought of an elephant in your jacket? Yes or no, whatever is your opinion but now you can have one with you. It’s a blue jacket with yellow detailing & piping. You can match your headband with this quirky print to make it more in sync. You know a lot of compliments are on its way when you are wearing this. You can complete the look with sneakers & ribbed denim. You can check the below-referred image of how the model is slaying the jacket with some drama liner.

  • MASTANI JACKET: Jacket cum peplum cum top? Yes, you can get this all in one piece of garment. It’s a designer jacket which you can wear as a peplum top when you hook it up when unhooked it’s a jacket. The sky blue color of this jacket is so universal that it will fit any season. You can wear this for both formal & informal look. You can pair it up with the same print skirt available at Nayshas. The cotton fabric of the skirt is a treat to your skin which will make it easy & comfortable to wear even for long working hours of your day.
  • FEDORA: Can we take a moment & talk about how fedora is so underrated in India. Fedora is a great way to keep you warm without sacrificing your style. This accessory will make you more put together on any given day. Again both men & women can style it. May it be your jumper, skinny jeans, cardigans or sweatshirt this piece of fedora will compliment your style.
  • TURTLE NECK TOP: As the name says, a turtle neck snugs your neck so it can keep you warm. It can be categorized as a wardrobe essential as it is a must-have. You will need a good quality turtle neck top to style your cardigan, coat, jacket, etc. You can also wear it just as a top too depending upon how cold it is in your region. You can also style it with a plain or leather skirt. It will make you look from drab to fab instantly.
  • NEUTRAL CARRYALL: We all know a carryall is not winter-specific, but also our list cannot end with a perfect neutral carryall. I am an all-time bag carver & tote bags are my favorite. Grey, black, brown, nude are versatile colors & can work with literally everything. If you have 1 bag of any above color family then your life is sorted for like almost the next 1,000 outfits. But yes we ladies tend to get bore & end up taking 1 every year. If you too belong to this 99% women category then share this blog with your friends, family & all your loved ones.
  • COFFEE CUP: Definitely not a part of a fashion blog, but even if you are not a coffee lover we all know the immense joy of sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee in winters. It is unmatchable & unbeatable. So grab a cup & let your soul repair itself.
Sometimes I wonder how we would survive winters without the above set of essentials. We don’t know the answer but we do not even need to think of it as we already have some of them right in our wardrobe. So now make the best of it & go from drab to fab. Also if you find this helpful & recreate any of the look with the assistance of this blog by Nayshas, then please tag us on our social media platforms today. This will keep us pushed & motivated.


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