Why to spend decent money on decent clothes

You might think that spending ₹2500 or more on a pair of shirts or Kurtas sounds absurd, mainly if you’re someone who pledges to spend money on experiences and not things.

People either spend lot of cash on clothes or as little as possible on cheap clothing.

Save more in long term, when you spend more on clothes!

Between the abundance of sales and therefore the countless stores that provide fashionable clothes for therefore much less, we’re conditioned to think that our clothes should come cheap.

However, have you ever seen an exceptionally well-dressed person? They have a tendency to possess a glance about them where you only know they paid more for his or her attire. Well, there’s a reason for it.

Quality clothes, while usually costlier, are well worth the investment. They not only last longer, but they can also cause you to feel better.

Here are some reasons you ought to start spending decent amount of money on clothes.


Labels and names in fashion mean a lot. It could mean a difference of hundreds of rupees on a price tag or a difference in target consumers. This subtleness in labels is well-demonstrated by the difference between premium, designer, and luxury brands.

Now let’s talk about what they have in common. All three of these types of brands are going to go for a higher price point than most; however the variance comes in the degree that the price point differs. Another key factor that makes them similar is the good quality. These are often one of the best quality products that are produced with better materials. However, that’s where the similarities stop.


An easy way to differentiate a premium brand from a luxury brand is that it has a bigger market because the products in this category are priced based on their features. Nayshas Premium Brand for example decided to create a line that used superior material than they usually do and charged a decent amount for it, and then it is a premium brand. Essentially you get more for paying a fair price.

However, there are other distinctive factors as well. These products are advertised as being grander to “regular” products, unlike luxury brands that are promoted based on name.


The importance when thinking about designer brands is change. They change as per season and go along with the recent fashion trends. That is in next season, the pieces will be out of date and therefore not “in-style.”


With luxury brands a small number of units are actually made as they are produced for selective few who can afford the same. Clearly, this sets the worth point higher to the point that it becomes a barrier for some customers looking to buying from the brand.


Trademark of quality clothing is its creation.

An decently priced dress that fits nicely, is durable, and put together well, however, can definitely be worth buying if you like it enough and know you’ll wear it a lot. So here are some reasons why you should spend decent amount of money on clothes and get most out of it.

  • Good Clothes last longer and save money in long term

It’s an obvious fact that the better things are made, the more they’re going to last. How frequently have you obtained an article of clothing since it was modest and marked down, just to receive a couple of wears in return before it self-destructs or loses its shape?

Quality garments, while progressively costly, are innately improved. From the better quality textures that last more, to the sewing (greater garments have more fastens per inch to enable the piece to hold better throughout the years), garments you spend more on are intended to last.

You may have known about the “cost per wear” condition that separates the amount you’ll spend per wear on a thing in connection to what extent you’ll have it. Generally, when this standard is applied, the more expensive attire wins out and is far less expensive over the long haul.

Additionally, costly garments will in general be made in littler bunches, which implies additional time and care is taken to make every individual piece, making it keep going longer over the long haul.

  • They fit better even after multiple washes

Bad materials tend to shrink or expand when washed multiple times. That is why we are at Nayshas use the best of fabrics to make our premium clothing ranges so even after multiple washes; you tend to get that feeling of brand new clothing.

  • Comfortable to wear

Let’s talk material. Apart from merely long-lasting, you’ll find that more costly fabric is, most of the time, way more at ease. Unlike natural fibres, the synthetic fabrics in cheap clothing don’t breathe as well. They do not keep you warm or cool depending on the temperature, possibly making you unhappy.

More than just breathing well, good fabric is more comfortable. If you’ve ever owned or tried on a cashmere sweater, you know this to be accurate. Most luxurious pieces are made of fabrics you want to live in, and since we do, it only makes sense to be comfortable in what we put on.

Also, you’ll likely be more comfortable in the fit of luxurious clothing as well. From the start, superiority pieces are made to fit well, from the cut of the pattern to the sewing, they’re tailored to excellence. You’ll not only be more comfortable, but more confident in the way your clothing fits.

  • Always in fashion

Clothing like Sarees never goes out style no matter what trends come and go. Handmade linen sarees or silk sarees have always made their comeback no matter what. Also dresses never went of style. Here is an old saying that you get what you pay for. When it comes to fast fashion, that statement is true. You pay low costs because you get low quality. When it comes to high-end designer clothing, that old saying is untrue. You pay far more than what you get in return. Neither is a good deal.

Fast fashion is sometimes called “throw-away” fashion. Spending Rs. 500 on cheaply made jeans with uneven seams and a zipper that sticks is not a good value. Clothes that start to fall apart after a few washes are not steals.

  • Conversation starter

Want your clothing to get people talking? If you’re going to a party in which you don’t know anyone and are worried you’ll be struggling for small talk, why not make your clothing a conversation starter?


Here are 6tips to recognise if garments are well made;

  1. Stiches: Check whether the threads look strong, whether there are loose or missed stiches. Gently pull seams to see if the garments hold together well.
  2. Pull Test: Gently pull the fabric and release it to check if it retains its shape or if the material looks altered
  3. Thickness: Hold a garment up to a bright light to assess if the material is thick or not. Generally, the thicker material, the higher the quality
  4. Zipper: Metal zippers are stronger than plastic ones. A YKK zipper is usually a sign of quality
  5. Buttons: If there spare buttons or thread are included, this is a sign of quality. Also check quality of the buttons and whether they all fit in the button holes.
  6. Fabric Pattern: Patterns should always match up at the seams. If they don’t , this means that very little effort has gone into making the garment

Why is clothing care important in case of premium clothing?

Many of the changes in garments are related to laundry related problems such as stains, odour, shrinkage, and colour changes.

 This shows that the care phase is vital for continued use of the garments. As the care phase also has environmental impacts due to energy and water consumption, design strategies that aim at reducing the necessity of in depth care are preferable. It is possible to use clothing as well as systems design to reduce the environmental impact associated with the utilization period.

Did You Know – Woollen materials, home wear and loose- fitting clothing are washed more seldom than other types of garments.

 As odour is one of the important reasons for laundering, material selection is a crucial thanks to reduce this need, for instance wool can be aired to remove odours and to freshen it up. Also the design of loose fit and airier arm-pits that reduce sweat stains, or the use of inlays that could be removed and washed would reduce the need for laundering.

 Stains on clothing are one among the foremost important disposal reasons, especially for children’s clothing.

Another way of brooding about this is often to style clothing in order that stains could be hidden within the patterns, or to use surface treatments that prevent soil from sticking, although during this case the safety of such products would wish to be assessed to gauge the complete environmental impacts.

Clothing care is also connected to lifespan of clothing. For example, some garments in the study did not get used because they would have required ironing before use, and that was considered to be too demanding for some of the owners that chose to give away the clothing instead. Non-iron labelled shirts can be found in many stores, but the products that require ironing are not labelled, and in some cases it is difficult to predict how they will turn out in use.

Vacation Shirt For Men

Vacation T-shirts can be the basic core of any wardrobe, and your travel closet is no exception. You can wear to travel in and then team with shorts when you arrive. Shirts from Nayshas like the CARVAN are neither too long, nor too short. So while they’re made to be sported breezily untucked—who in his right mind wants to tuck in a shirt on vacation?

The best of all is the Kurta like the Flamingo which is a truly vacation shirt and an icon of comfortable clothing from the stables of Nayshas

Stick to quality fabric like Nayshas so you can team with lots of pieces from your suitcase. Opt for something you can dress up with a statement necklace or scarf, or down just with sneakers and shorts.

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