Is fashion all about girls? Well, today’s metrosexual men beg to differ. As much as women love to dress up, so do men. Be it a wedding or other ethnic festivity like Diwali, Holi and so on, the men want to stand out looking stylish and classy. They are ready to experiment with the various ethnic and traditional outfits. They look for the diverse trends and styles for creating their distinct style statement. The guys want something other than the usual ones.

Guys are throwing away stereotypes! Pink? Yes. Floral? Yes. Well, they do not want to limit any design only to girls. Previously, it used to be mocked when guys wore pink. But now the designers are offering classy pink outfits for men and oh boy, are they looking handsome in it? Equality is taken to the next level as the boys are more comfortable and secured with their sexuality. They do not need colors like blue or cars print to show off their male side. Openness and comforting gentleman attitude are driving the youth boys of today. Also, they are no more limited to white shirts or plain kurtas. They want to experiment and wear the most unique shirts, kurtas, and other such garments. With the era of Digital Prints, the men are adorning quirky patterns and designs for boosting their exceptional attire. Also, they confidently wear linen clothing for formal events to look and feel confident.

In today’s modern times, men’s shirts have evolved a lot. Previously, a plain white shirt was preferred and worn by the men. However, the design, cuts, and style have changed enormously in recent years. The metrosexual men of today are open to experimenting with digital prints, linen and what not! They wish to look unique and any color or design does not stand in their way. The shirt is styled in a variety of ways, with a tie, coat or jacket depending upon the occasion. A coat can be worn on top of it for official gatherings and presentations along with a tie. Or it can be worn just with a tie to the office. A shirt is adorned plainly without any fringes for regular occasions or when you just want to show off the spectacular print of your shirt. With the modern era trending, there is no color or pattern fixed only to girls or boys specific. Feminism and gender equality have kicked in, and the fashion world is not unaffected. Also, boys love to wear Floral prints these days which were only preferred by women previously. The youth prefers floral shirts for beachwear or a day at the pool.  This development has expanded the scope for men’s wear as they are now open to a diverse collection of garments.


For all the metrosexual men out there, this is the perfect men’s cotton shirt for you with remarkable Caravan Print on a white color base. This unique shirt offered by Nayshas Design Studio gives a makeover to your entire personality. It is a must-have in your wardrobe as you are going to exuberate immense confidence wearing this delightful creation. Also, it is made of cotton which is very comfortable and appropriate for summers. The cool design makes it suitable for friends gathering, a sundowner, or even a birthday party. People are sure going to ask you about this shirt because of its never-seen-before print!


The word ‘kurta’ originally came from the Persian word meaning ‘collarless shirt’. Traditionally, it was worn in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, matched along with simple trousers like pajama, salwar, dhoti or jeans for casual events. Kurta is no more an Asian thing as it is worldwide recognized now. For formal occasions, the kurta is highly embellished along with intricate design. The elegant and comfortable looks of the kurta can be suited for any given occasion be it a family gathering or a wedding affair. Many people wear them at work too. However, for daily wear, simple tie-dye pattern and plain styles were preferred. Indian men usually choose to wear kurta pajama at night. This is because it is extremely comfortable that it has become a popular choice amongst the nightwear available.

Previously kurta was famous only among various artists, poets, and scholars who were proud of wearing this clothing item. Nowadays, every man wants to wear as it exudes a sophisticated look. The kurta ranges from various styles, long to short, embellished to hand-printed or even digital printed ones. Due to the numerous variations available, there is actually a kurta for every event. Whether you want to go to a pool party, a friend’s wedding function or just for some religious event in the building, there is a piece available for each gathering. A noticeable feature of the Kurta is that the sleeves fall straight to the wrist as opposed to the western-style shirts, the sleeves of which narrow down to the hand. The sleeves of the kurta do not have cuffs because, for the easy movement of the wearer, the side seams are left open. These don’t have a collar like a shirt and the openings are normally centered on the chest. The modern-day kurta, however, has experienced a huge transformation and have stand-up collars like the ‘Nehru collar’.

Nowadays, kurta is worn by people all around the world including Italy, France, U.K., and the Middle East. Foreigners roaming around in India adorn Kurtas gracefully. Even little kids wear it on traditional or religious occasions graciously. It is a great combination of style and comfort. The main reason for Kurta being a worldwide fashion favorite is because its versatile nature makes it suitable for traditional as well as fusion looks. The type of kurta worn depends on a variety of factors such as Chikan Embroidered Kurta is preferred for the Summer Season. Exclusive buttons are used to style the kurta made out of plastic or wooden. Extraordinary buttons are used to highlight the kurta in designer wear clothing. Designers use different cuts and styles these days for building up a fusion concept of the kurta that show glimpses of rich craftsmanship. Teamed along with nice fitted churidar, these kurtas give a royal look to the person wearing it. When paired along with a funky pair of jeans, it gives an urban touch to the overall appearance.


Have you seen this before? We, at Nayshaas, aim to provide the most exclusive looking kurtas for men that you will only see at our online shopping website. This Soft Pink Flamingo Printed Short Kurta for Men looks super cool and guarantees a second look by women! It is a cotton-based kurta so it is perfect for summers. Sweat and heat cannot lower your cool quotient with this shirt.  The length of the kurta is short which makes it very relaxing to wear. It has short sleeves and a stylish V-neck. This casual wear Kurta can be worn a Sunday Lunch, friends’ outings, or just at an event happening nearby. You cannot stop the glances this shirt is going to get. The Pink color of this shirt gives you a nonchalant and secured look at the same time. Just go and grab this item as it is not worth a miss!


A sleeveless west-jacket worn by men in South Asia is called as a ‘Bandi’. The word Bandi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘badhnati’ which means to tie or to fasten. It is also known as a Waskat or Sadri. A Bandi Jacket came to be known as a Nehru vest in America and Europe. In traditional events, the Bandi Jacket can be worn over a Kurta, Kameez, Achkan or Angarkha. Historically, the Bandi was worn by the peasant class and was decorated with folk embroidery for wearing on festive occasions. It is also worn by the political class and also during winters to keep the wearer warm. First and foremost, it was the first Prime Minister of independent India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, who made it famous among the masses. He was known for his Bandis which he wore in Indian style and later on, many innovations followed suit giving contemporary twists and turns to the Indian Ethnic wear. Currently, it has gained popularity all over the world. It is fashionable, contemporary, stylish yet traditional. The entire style quotient can move to an upper level with this stunning masterpiece. For casual purposes, it can be worn along with a short kurta. Politicians can wear it at events. Formally, it is worn as a three-piece suit with kameez, salwar, and waistcoat. This is one stylish clothing item that gathers mass global appeal. Originally, this garment came centuries ago in wintery regions for protecting the self from the cold. These woolen bandis come with two or three pockets which makes it easy to keep items handy. In olden days, they were made out of cotton or wool, had buttons in the front. Modern times have brought up various different types of styles for Bandi such as the Himachal Koti which has woolen or embroidery designs on top and can be worn over Himachal outfits.

What is the best way to wear a Bandi Jacket? Well, just wear a light-colored, preferably off-white or beige kurta pajama. Take a bright-colored Bandi Jacket with floral brocade print on top of it. Put a napkin similar to the kurta color in the pocket of this Bandi. Well, your look is complete and congratulations on looking fantastic! For wedding functions, you can pair this look with a turban as well. Undoubtedly, Bandi Jacket makes you look like the charm of the party.


A top tunic called the kurta and bottoms called the pajama when worn together, is called as the kurta pajama. A kurta is a loose shirt that usually features long sleeves with a buttoned placket. The length of the kurta depends on the choice of the wearer. The length can be a little below or even above the knees. Usually, it is up to the knees. The English language has derived the word ‘pyjama’ from the Hindi language itself. The word was originally coined from the Persian word ‘Payjama’, which means leg garment. The politicians in India usually wear kurta pajama to their rallies and political events. Traditionally, it is a dress word by the civilians during festivals like Holi, Diwali or even for religious ceremonies. For casual wear, soft fabrics like cotton are used for making it a loose comfortable fitting dress. Silk and Satin are also used for giving it a heavy look. Most prefer to wear kurta pajama in neutral shades like beige, off-white, or white for giving out a dignified look. However, they are available in a variety of patterns and hues in the market. Men pair this attire with a nice Kohlapuri chappal to complete the look.

Marriage is such a pious occasion and it is undoubtedly the best thing happened for mankind. It is a pure institution where two individuals tie the knot opening up new doors for the auspicious blend of two minds, body and soul. This divine relationship calls for a huge celebration where the arrangements done are enormous and outstanding. Amidst all these marvelous stuff, the important thing to remember is the clothing that the groom will wear. Of course, the groom should wear something that sets him apart from the crowd and reflects his own personal style at the same time. Among the staggering varieties, the primary garment to wear on this Big Day is the Ethnic wear Kurta Pajama. The styling and material depends upon the occasion, but for a wedding, it is normally silk or brocade with detailed embroidery. In India, there are varied types of Ethnic clothing for the grooms. However, Kurta Pajama is the most preferred which is usually teamed along with a turban. The Kurta is embellished with crystals, stones, intricate embroideries like Zardosi, or sequins for giving a classic royal look.

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