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Want to dress for a prom or a kitty party? Whatever be the occasion, we are all ready for you to look your best. At Nayshas, we give utmost importance to style, comfort, shopping, design, dresses, and fashion. We are all for giving good styling advices to people who are actually interested in looking their best wherever they go but at the same time, being comfortable and at ease in what they wear. “What to wear?” is the biggest decision faced by us women every morning, but it becomes more important when a special occasion is coming up.


A garment that is traditionally worn by girls or women consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice is called as a dress. This bodice can be the same as the skirt or matching in order to give the effect of a one-piece long garment. When the length of the dress is below the knees almost up to the ankles, it is called a long dress. Sometimes, the length can go even beyond the ankles and can even have a trail in case of many formal dresses or bridal gowns. These gowns are made up of a various types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, organza, velvet, etc. It depends on whether the occasion is formal, casual, weddings, or vacations that the fabric is used. For instance, cotton is usually used for summer-long dresses or gowns as it comfortable and moisture-absorbent. Many times, the word “maxi” is used to describe long dresses.

PROS OF WEARING A LONG DRESS: Well, wearing a nice long dress can make you look like a queen in many events and functions. All the fashion icons mostly prefer wearing long dresses at various major events like fashions shows, red carpet, etc. The advantages of wearing a long dress are mentioned below:

  • Always a Classic: Well, the fashion world beams of dresses that are long as they make their models look extravagant and spectacular. It gives a retro tint to the modern and edgy look even in the prom dress scenario. A long dress has the power to make a girl look like a classy woman. The entire personality of the girl is groomed when she wears a beautiful looking long dress. She stands apart from the crowd and walks like a princess.
  • Say No to Tanning: Since the area below the knees is not visible in a long ankle-length dress, you can save so much of your sunscreen girl! This can prevent any tanning of the legs as it has a long length. A good long dress covers most of the body parts appropriately so tanning of your body is prevented. So it serves both the purpose of looking extravagant and also keeping the skin safe. Even the stomach and sleeves part is covered in most of the long dresses.
  • Formal and Informal: You might want to go to that party because it is important. However, you might have no mood to dress up. What is the easiest way out? Of course, long dresses, they are always to the rescue. Few of the occasions require you to be dressy and look really nice. A long dress can be just put on but they prove beneficial for a formal as well as an informal look.
  • Breathe Easy: Since long dresses are mostly loose at the bottom, they are pretty airy and it is easy to get up, sit down and walk as well. Since it is usually loose below the knees, it becomes very comfortable and easily mobile in any function or event. You just have to wear it in one go and don’t have to even worry about the accessories most of the time.


Nomad Girl Long Dress

This beautiful looking ikkat weave dress by Nayshas is made of handloom cotton and looks spectacular along with side pockets. It is a sleeveless dress but the sleeves are attached inside and can be stitched as per the requirement of the customers. This blue color dress can be worn on formal as well as informal occasions.



This long dress looks gorgeous with mini sleeves and a side pocket with self embroidered Buttas on it. It gives a unique feminine look. The backline is the main attraction of this dress. It is a little above the ankle which makes it comfortable to wear and you are sure going to get a number of compliments for it.

CONS OF WEARING A LONG DRESS: A long dress is a forever classic, but, many times it might not be perfect for the event you are going to. It may make you uncomfortable and not feel easy-going which may spoil your entire mood because of the following reasons:


  • Trip Easy: As much as you would love to wear a long dress and look extravagant and spectacular, it is equally difficult to carry. Since it has a long hemline, one can easily trip over the dress through one’s own heels or any other person can step over your dress and you can fall flat on the face. In crowded weddings and functions, people usually stamp on the hemline of your dress and it gets dirty. One has to take care of the entire long trail which can be very uncomfortable.
  • Snob Queen: A long dress does make you look unique and just like a Goddess. However, you might give out a snobbish and of a high attitude feeling which can make you seem unapproachable to the people around. People might feel awkward to go and talk to you. A girl in a short dress seems more amicable and friendly. This might cause you to not make many friends in a given event.
  • Difficult to carry: Long dresses are actually a tiresome to carry for long travels as it takes a lot of space in the suitcase. Many times two long heavy dresses can fill up an entire suitcase without any extra space left for anything else. They are on the heavier side, and maintaining them is a task because it must be dealt with very carefully. For destination weddings as well, it must be very hard to take and you might end up carrying many number of suitcases.



A short dress is with a top piece that covers the torso of the woman and further hangs down over the legs. This one-piece garment can be formal or casual. The length of a short dress is above or up to the knees. Depending upon the weather, fashion, modesty, and the personalized taste of the person the length of the short dress may vary. For example, a Little Black Dress or LBD is a short dress in black color which has a very basic pattern.

PROS OF WEARING A SHORT DRESS: Wearing a short dress can make all your worries go away. It can prove to be beneficial in all the cases and events. Short dresses look spectacular and are easy and comfortable to wear. The advantages of short dresses are given as below:


  • Wear it Time and Again: The main advantage of a short dress is that you can wear them again and again. Sometimes you can pair it with a denim jacket for a different look. Other times, you can pair it with long boots, sports shoes or different types of accessories to go along with it. So you can wear these dresses time and again and still look quirky and beautiful. They are comfortable and can be worn on varied occasions differently.
  • Unique Look: Well, a beautiful short dress worn with high heeled stilettos looks spectacular at almost any given event. Wearing a beautiful short dress will make you stand out from the crowd very easily and will make you look stunning as ever. It is good for a rock-and-roll type of function or for a day out with friends. It is just that you don’t have to think twice before wearing it and gives the girl a unique look.
  • Dance Easy: Yes! Finally, you can dance your way to glory as you wear a short comfortable dress. You don’t have to worry about anybody stepping on your hemline or tripping on your own because of the long dress. One can be very easy going, look elegant and still let loose on the dance floor. You just have to know your steps and groove to the beat when you wear a nice short dress.
  • Show off those Shoes: Are you spending so much money on the shoes that are highly extraordinary but since you’re wearing a long dress it is not even seen? Oh, that’s disastrous for a fashion stylist as if you got the heels to show off, they must be visible to the crowd. A short prom dress can be paired with wonderful high heels and the entire fashion look can be completed.  Those pair of stunning heels can make you look apart from the crowd when a short dress is worn.
  • A dress for All Seasons: Is it raining a lot and you have to run to a birthday party? Don’t worry! A quirky short dress is the perfect option. Be it summers or monsoons, short dresses are a way to go. As they are very comfortable to wear for every season, you don’t have to think twice before grabbing it from your cupboard and dressing up.
  • Less the fabric, Lesser the cost: The longer the dress, the more fabric is required to make the dress. Since a short dress requires less fabric, it can be made with less amount of money. Since only a few meters of fabric is required to make any short dress like a prom wear, you can save a lot of money for it. Also, since you have a lot of cash left as you’re spending less on the dress, you can take more embellishments, accessories and groom yourself better with the remaining money.
  • Takes Less Space: Going for a vacation? Well, these little cute pieces take hardly any space in your luggage and you can carry many of them with you to your future destination. Even if you carry eight to nine cotton dresses in one suitcase, you still might have space extra to put something else depending on the size of the suitcase. Some short dresses actually become as small as a mouse when crushed and put in the corner of the luggage, so you can take them along easily during any excursions.



Mull cotton cage print dress with side pocket and off shoulder neckline, which makes the dress look more beautiful.

This wonderful mull cotton cage-print dress make you stand out from the crowd looking amazingly different. It has an off-shoulder neckline with side pockets which is a very unique way of styling. The brand’s USP is the unique prints that are offered by it. This yellow dress by Nayshas is one of the favorite pieces of our designer and is designed extraordinarily.


Sky Blue Cotton Short Dress with HD PRINT and side pocket, the dress is so beautiful that we don’t need to describe its beauty in words.

This pretty-as-a-flower sky blue short dress with side pocket and HD print looks as amazing as we are short of words to even describe it. You can wear this dress with your favorite pair of shoes and complete your entire summer look so that you can slay in style.

CONS OF WEARING A SHORT DRESS: A wonderful short dress can make you look so pretty but at the same time it can make many ancient people feel uncomfortable and not so happy with your choice. There are many as such disadvantages of wearing a short dress as given below:

  • Offends the Elders: In many religions and cultures, wearing a short dress is not perceived well among the people. They do not find it very appealing and are not happy with the dress length especially for the bride. As compared to long dresses, short dresses do not go down very well with the society. However, the women who are secure with themselves are confident enough to wear whatever they like and wish to wear. It should be your own decision and nobody else’s views that should decide what you wear on your wedding day or any other day. One has the freedom of choice to wear whatever they like on any particular day and especially at their own wedding.
  • Less variety for brides in short dresses: If a wedding dress or any other dress or outfit is too short in length, it becomes uncomfortable to sit or stand. It might cause a problem bending down or even picking up things from the floor. But the trends are changing now and many more women are coming up and demanding short dresses for their D-day. However, there are mostly few options for short dresses for brides as to the common norm of long ones. The long dresses are available in large variety and designs in every store as compared to the short dresses.

Too short for Comfort: If a wedding dress or any other short dress is too less in the length, it is very uncomfortable to sit down and stand up. It might cause very much problem of bowing down or picking up something from the floor. A little here and there and you might reveal more than what you want. That is why; some relatives or parents may be offended and might find the dress length very inappropriate



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