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Well, you only live once! So why bore yourself with those regular prints and boring styles? Dress exclusively and life to the fullest. Certainly, material things are not true happiness, but we can sure celebrate our different moods wearing the best possible outfits. Nayshas aims at rejoicing the individuality of every woman and style her with her unique style quotient. It is not fair for a woman to wear clothing that everyone is wearing. Every person is unique and must wear clothes that reflect their personality, nature, and character. We, at Nayshas, offer a collection of exclusive and premium dress items such as skirts, jackets, polka printed clothing and so much more for the women of today so that we can up our style quotient gracefully!


Well, ever wondered where this style came from? Who thought that a cloth piece could be worn in such a way? And why only women, why men cannot wear a skirt? Well, before Ranveer Singh came into picture, Indians hardly believed that skirts were for guys too! And for your knowledge, skirts date back to 3900BC where it was worn by women as well as men without any discrimination. As a matter of fact, it is said to be the oldest piece of clothing. Even if you have seen the Ads and videos depicting Adam and Eve, where Adam is shown wearing a skirt made of leaves. It seems that its time that feminism takes a back seat, and equality for men should be raised as an issue, masculinism where men wearing skirts are given equal respect. Jokes apart, skirts have been an integral part of women’s clothing for centuries. Nothing makes a girl feel more feminine than a good skirt in which she can twirl in. There are several varieties of skirts these days and you can choose from plenty. Gradually, the skirts styles transformed gradually into various designs ranging from A-line to pleated skirts to wraparound to short skirts and many more. With the pencil skirt, the image of a sensual feminine woman comes to mind while a flared skirt gives the idea of a highly popular retro look. The floor-length skirt gives out a glamorous appearance and with a slit in this skirt, it comes to be a fiery trend. Nevertheless, whatsoever cuts the skirt has, today, they are a Must-Have in the wardrobe of women and Nayshas makes sure that you have exclusive print and designer skirts to choose from such as:


Nayshas Design Studio offers this wonderful masterpiece, The Bumble Bee skirt, with an elasticated waist and a side pocket keeping in mind your comfort. This skirt comes with a cotton lining to avoid any transparency. The quirky print of bees and honeycomb on top is something that you might not have ever seen before. It gives you a feminine effect. The blue colored skirt goes with any contrasting top easily, preferably a yellow-colored crop top would look amazing when paired. This skirt is so relaxing to wear and gives you a laid-back look, that is perfect for your day-out, friends’ outings, or any regular lunch plan. People are sure going to ask you about this skirt because of the unique print and you are going to be the talk of the party.


We, at Nayshas, want to give you elite prints that are rare to find and this piece exudes just that notion. This Pinjra Printed, which means Cage printed skirt is nothing but a style statement. This best-seller printed skirt in Mustard Yellow color with an elasticated waist and below-knee length will set your style standard high.  The soft cotton lining of this skirt provides a comfortable feel and you are free to move. This Cage Printed Skirt will actually make you feel free, out of the cage, and allow you to be exactly how you want to be. Nayshas Studio priorly aims at giving you the premium quality high-end products with exclusive prints that make you look a class apart in society. For showing off to your peers, this skirt is mandatory for your closet!


This Trendy Skirt makes an everlasting statement whenever you wear it. With this Nomad skirt, we want you to have total freedom to express yourself without any judgment. This pretty Blue skirt is made of Handloom Cotton Ikkat Weave Material which gives you a one-of-a-kind comfort level. It has a side pocket for your phone, keys or anything that you want to keep. It gives you a summerish vibe and goes well with a nice fitted top of black, white or peach color. Wear those trendy shades along with it and look the coolest in the summer heat. Be it a hippie or a gothic look, this nomad skirt will look just perfect. This skirt will give you the confidence to experiment and be whoever you want to be!


The Tractor Printed Jacket is fully loaded with style and comfort. The waist is elasticated and there are sideshow buttons on this skirt. Just team this with your favorite tee or top, gladiators or bellies for an out-and-about look. As it designed to excellency, it will immensely complement your figure. Made up of cotton, it can be worn all-day-long with complete ease. The pink color gives it a feminine look and the tractor print gives a masculine feel, overall the skirt gives a balanced expression. Wear it with a pair of Nude Heels for a Party or a Pair of Sneakers for a Day Out and be sure to make heads turn!

From Polka Dots to Bumble Bee Printed Skirts, we at Nayshas have them all. Just pick the skirt you like and pair it with a stylish jacket, maybe a mastani jacket with a mastani skirt. Every individual is unique and we want to make you feel the same by setting you apart from the rest. So don’t hold back and go shop at :


Do you want to know an eye-opener? Jackets are not something that modern designers have crafted, but is a century-old choice, in fact over a century. Earlier the crewmen and the pilots used to sport it. Eventually, jackets became an integral part of the wardrobe of every man. However, nowadays whether men or women, jackets are the apparel to go for if you want a sophisticated and classy look! There are countless shapes and styles of jackets throughout history, but each fits neatly into semiformal and formal styles. A jacket should never be tight-fitting in the body or over-exaggerated in the shoulder. Originally, a jacket is cut in wool, cotton, tweed, leather, suede, nylon or hemp. The styles of jackets are wide-ranging namely sports jackets, Harrington, Blazers, Anoraks, and now even Bomber Jackets. Today, jackets are included in all the stores and in the fashion shows at varied prices. Cotton Jackets are lightweight and soft whereas wool is heavy and thick and polyester is basically for artificial intelligence. Even if you wear a plain outfit, you can top it up with a fashionable jacket and you’re good to go. Be it whatever material, but this apparel adds elegance to your impression unquestionably.


Nayshas Design Studio works diligently to exceed your expectations with new and exclusive styles every time. We help you to express your own unique style with this Nomad Jacket made of Handloom Cotton Ikkat Weave material with white piping on it. This Jacket looks great on denim, skirts, pants and even on plain kurtas. Well, it is multifunctional if you must say. Spice up your dull outfit with the fashionably sophisticated and elegant jacket that will make your outfit-of-the-day look astonishing. This jacket can be matched with Nayshas matching printed Ikkat weave skirt from our skirt segment if you want to wear it as a set.  


Forget Pink, Blue is the color for girls these days! This Dark Blue Jacket made of Handloom cotton weaves material is a perfect piece for Indigo lovers. The Red dot Ikkat Weave print material used as lining or piping and two pocket detailing makes this jacket simple yet offbeat. This is perfect for casual wear and can be paired along with a skirt or denim. The jacket comes in a comfortable cotton material that is perfect for all seasons in Mumbai. This fabric is very soft and easy to carry. This jacket can be paired along with jeans, kurtas, skirts or even a plain-colored gown. This Bleed Blue Jacket is a pure stunner and as you pair it with similar pieces of earrings from Nayshas Accessory section, it will complete the gorgeous look fully!


Are you fascinated by this majestic animal, the Elephant? Well, this piece is just for you then as this Blue colored jacket has an elephant inside a Mandala printed all over it. The eccentric print looks so gothic and bohemian at the same time. The refined color scheme of mostly Blue, Yellow, and Pink makes this jacket visually alluring. Cotton Fabric is used gives the wearer a pleasant feel. Pick the same printed hairband from Nayshas Accessory segment to match with this outfit and be ready to slay the look with this masterpiece. Go make your date special as you flaunt your beauty in this wonderful jacket.


Where did the polka come from? The term ‘Polka Dots’ was referred to a spotted fabric that first appeared in print in the year 1857 in Godey’s Lady’s Book, a Philadelphia-based women’s magazine of that particular time period. In the 1900s, Miss America was photographed in a polka-dots printed bathing suit. Soon after, Minnie Mouse, the Disney character was painted wearing a polka-dotted dress decorated with bows. Thereon, the trend for Polka Dots grew considerably. Since the trend has been constant for such a long time, the polka dots are definitely associated with a sense of nostalgia. The dots are available in various sizes, countless colors and on different types of clothing. Whenever you want to go retro, polka is the key. Casual wear and kids’ garments look amazing in Polka Dots. For instance, any Retro themed parties that take place these days for women’s kitties, children’s birthday or a school program, invites a lot of people mostly wearing Polka Dots. People immediately relate to them as Retro. Even the table mats, decorations, hand-fliers, and the paper plates are of polka-dot print. Well, is the best online website for online dresses such as Skirts and jackets in beautiful polka prints which will make you the talk of any gathering.


We, at Nayshas, offer you captivating quirky print jackets to express yourself gracefully. We keep a keen eye on what’s next in fashion and this Mastani Jacket offered by us is one of them. This is a Sky-Blue Jacket with a Peplum cut that gives it a chirpy look. It has a front hook so the jacket can be worn in two ways. When the hook is closed, it can be worn as a peplum top and when it is open, it can be worn as a jacket. Either way, it looks ultra-sophisticated and will make the wearer look graceful. The material used is cotton which makes it a perfect pick for summers. Matched along with Nayshas Mastani Skirt, it can become an extremely trendy set.  


Nayshas Design Studio brings you this beautiful Sky-Blue HD printed skirt with an elasticated waist and a side pocket. The fabric used is cotton which makes it very easy-breezy to wear. It gives you a chic yet stylish appearance. We have Nayshas Mastani Printed Jacket that you can wear this skirt with for a similar pairing. Pair it with nice pumps and give it a contemporary style altogether. It is very rare to find something that is so comfortable and yet so beautiful to wear, and this is one of those items. Undoubtedly, you are going to look oh-so-gorgeous in this super-fashionable look!

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