Want to wear regular ethnic wear or a western outfit? Well, we want a combination of both! Women today do not want to be restricted. They want to experiment, try out new things, and not settle with the regular. Indo-westerns is the way to go for this modern woman. Indo-westerns are a Must-Have for every wardrobe because they make your look unique and it is nothing regular. Everybody is going to ask you about your look and where did you design your attire from, and these outfits make you the charm of the event. There are numerous reasons why one cannot imagine a wardrobe without Indo-westerns and they are given as follows:

  • INDO-WESTERN KURTIS: Many modern women today are wearing formals at offices, but, not the regular ones. The Indo-western formal dresses are trending among the office-goers. Women prefer anything but regular today. They want to look different so why just to go for a plain formal dress. Why not opt for something that is uniquely traditional and formal at the same time? Maybe a stylishly modern Kurti with formal pants. Formal Indo-western dresses are preferred by all the ladies because they do not give a typical expression.
  • Cotton Dabu Print Kurta: This amazing Kurta by Nayshas is so comfortable and stylish for office use. It is Indian as well as westernized when worn with a stylish set of pants. The fabric used is cotton which is airy and gives the wearer a relaxed feeling. It has beautiful lace detailing on top which gives it a very classy look. The Indo-western formal Kurtis are the way to go these days and all the women want to adorn it. Also, after the office, you can wear this kurta as a dress and go to any party or function in the evening. This makes this ensemble multi-functional. It is not completely traditional and not fully modern as well. A union of both sides makes this a unique attire.
  • ASYMMETRIC SHIRTS AND TOP: You really want to go for an Indo-western dress for party coming up? Are you looking for the safest Indo-western outfit options? Well, an asymmetric top paired with a skirt or pants looks best on everybody who wears it. This kurta can be with or without a collar. It can be best worn for a dance night or a cocktail party. The kurta can be a fitted on with desi print, checks or sheer. This ensemble will give you a never-seen-before look and will ooze exclusivity when worn. An asymmetric top also makes you look lean and takes off extra kilos from your appearance. The preferred fabric for such a design is Indian silk. It can be worn with flip-flops or a large nose-ring to give a bohemian effect.
  • LAYERS: A dress, lehenga or maxi can be given numerous layers to give it an overall Indo-western look. These dresses can be given different styles and color combinations for remarkable fashion. Overlapping of different layers gives the designer wear varied stylishness.  The design can also be like one color of layering overlapped with another color of layer. This magnifies the variance and it can be used in long maxis, Kurtis, frocks, and even sarees. A regular cotton Kurti can have 3-4 layers and give a very fashionable look.
  • SALWAR JUMPSUIT: A unique trend that is going viral these days at fashion ramps are salwar jumpsuits. This indo-western outfit provides a great deal of comfort and looks fantastic at the same time. Basically, a yoke or blouse is attached to the salwar to make it a full jumpsuit. It is actually a one-piece outfit. The yoke or top is usually well-designed or embroidered. The salwar has many ruffles and flows comfortably down. There is no complex handling attached to this outfit. So, well, keep worries of wardrobe malfunction at bay now. You can even add layers or ruffle to the bottom for making it look unique. Various colors and shades can be experimented with for this outfit. The patterns and hues makes this dress more vibrant. The salwar jumpsuit is a unique combination of the East meets West and looks really unique when worn.
  • LEHENGA GOWNS: Glamour oozes out of the Indian clothing in various hues and forms. However, it is always better to innovate and have a different approach to the typical Indian dresses. Customization of traditional ethnic wear always makes heads turn at weddings and other events. One of the outfits in modern fashion that is recently worn by all the models on the ramps is ‘lehenga gown’ which basically looks like a blouse or corset attached to a lehenga skirt. One can wear it with or without a dupatta. ‘Saree gowns’ are also trending a lot these days and are gathering many eyeballs of the designers and customers alike. Saree gowns do not give you a typical look of an Indian Saree, they are innovative, look more of a gown but have drape on its shoulder. There is no need for tummy draping because they are semi-stitched.
  • BACK DESIGNS: A regular Ethnic wear Anarkali or a Lehenga can be made into an Indo-western outfit by using innovative back designs such as Sweetheart design, cut-out pattern, deep-neck blouse, high neck zipper blouse, netted back blouse, teardrop back neck, off-shoulder blouse, and one shoulder blouse. If you want to make a lasting impression, choose a unique design for your back. This impression will be engraved in everybody’s memory for a long time. The outfit should not be famous only at its launch but should be remembered for months and years to come. These wonderful and exclusive Indo-western outfits with amazing back designs can be incorporated in lehengas, dresses, gowns, and even sarees during organizing or attending a cocktail party. When you recall any wonderful outfits, you immediately remember how wonderful was the back of the person wearing it. So, it is always advisable to go for amazing back designs for Indo-western dresses.
  • DHOTI SAREES: Well, do you want to be the talk of the town? Just adorn a beautiful Dhoti-saree which is a combination of a saree and a dhoti blended together. It might look complexed on seeing but it is very easy to wear. The above part looks similar to your regular saree; however, the bottom is a dhoti with a drape coming out of it and put on the shoulder. It looks so different that it totally changes the way you look at a saree. You can even watch online tutorials that guide you on how to wear a dhoti saree effortlessly. The dhoti is ready-made, you just have to wear it and close the zip and buttons. The drape can be decked up in an unvarying fashion.
  • FLOOR-LENGTH MAXIS: The Indian Designers are looking for contemporary and dramatic fashion that makes the western culture meet the Indian culture seamlessly. The essence of the traditional culture blended with modern outfits generates magnificent designs. Today, the floor-length gowns are embroidered in intricate Indian designs that look beautiful when worn. This makes the gown look royal yet easy-going at the same time. Unique blouse designs can be incorporated such as deep V-necks, halter necks, keyhole necks, cowl necks, wide round necks, and U-necks. The necklines can also be similar or experimented with. According to the comfort and choice of the wearer, the length of the gown can vary. Various sleeves styles can be chosen such as transparent sleeves, cap-sleeves, spaghetti straps and sleeveless. Traditional prints namely elephant print, Kalis, florals, etc. can be imprinted on these gowns to give them an Indo-western look.
  • DESI PRINTS: An entirely western outfit can be elaborated with desi print and the end look, can be a beautiful Indo-western outfit. You can wear a fancy French dress or a gown depicting desi designs on it. This typical Indian design on a western dress and fabric gives a bold statement that makes you stand out from the crowd. These desi prints can be Kalamkari, Ikat, Batik, Bandhani, Ajrakh or Dabu print on a western shot dress or maxi. This western dress becomes Indianized with the traditional print on it.
  • SAREE SKIRT: A saree skirt is nothing but a skirt and a drape along with it which goes on the shoulder like a traditional saree. Just instead of the regular pleatings at the bottom, there is a skirt that makes this Indo-western dress look exceptional in wedding functions, traditional gatherings, and family events. This attire shows off a perfect combination of modern style and traditional roots. A unison is created of the skirt and the saree which looks extravagant on the person wearing it.
  • INDO-WESTERN SKIRTS: It’s a Sunday and you sure don’t want to wear a typical jeans-top combination to those brunches and luncheons. Just put an end to all confusion and decision-making because the Indo-westernized skirts go perfect for your leisurewear. These western skirts have an Indian print on top which makes it a fusion clothing. It might have an Indian intricate Elephant design which looks very traditional but at the same time, the skirt is modernly cut.
  • Pinjra Print Skirt: Nayshas offers the Pinjra Print skirt which is a unique blend of the two cultures. This modernized skirt has traditional ‘Pinjra’ print on top, which is a cage print. This takes the regular skirt to next level. Such quirky prints are hard to find in regular markets. You will get such unique clothing only at Nayshas because they offer a collection of exclusive Indo-western attires. Everywhere you go, people are going to ask about it. This is because such outfits are difficult to find anywhere else.
  • FUSION COCKTAIL DRESS: Why wear a common cocktail dress when you can wear an Indo-western fusion ensemble? Just go for a designer wear fusion dress next time for a family function and just notice how many people ask you about what you’re wearing. People go crazy these days for good Indo-western ensembles. They’re willing to pay exorbitantly for fabulous Indo meets western clothing and all designers are preying for such designs. These dresses can be crafted out of Indian textiles such as kalamkari, batik or silk. These can be complemented by significant jewelry pieces for achieving an unconventional expression. Chic western silhouettes can be collaborated with Indian embroideries and textiles. Huge sized traditional neckpieces are paired with fusion dresses to glam up the entire ensemble.
  • A SHIRT AND A SKIRT: What if we tell you that a plain white shirt is not just something that you can wear to the office? You can wear it with a traditional printed skirt too. Yes! A shirt paired with a skirt and some chunky neckpiece is the way to go for the wedding functions these days. The most simply paired up Indo-western which looks really beautiful on almost everybody. This dress can be cheaply made if you already have a shirt or skirt or both. An antique jewelry necklace or big earrings paired with this outfit will make your look complete. A bright-colored ghagra with a crisp shirt is not just going to be clothing but a style statement on a whole. Just go and flaunt your inner diva by wearing this pair. It is both suitable for a night function or a day-wear.
What to Indo-western outfits symbolise?

A perfect combination of East meets West is symbolized in Indo-western dresses. It’s a complete fusion of Indian wear with the western dresses. In various event and occasions, you want to look different from the remaining people. On such places, you can go for Indo-western dresses which will make you seem exclusive. Such attires set you apart from the rest of clan. You can sure grab eyeballs through wearing such exceptional clothes. In modern times, ladies prefer Indo-western dresses as they speak up gracefully about their physical demeanour and looks. Fashion oozes out of these dresses typically. A beautiful consolidation of colors, textures and prints exudes out of such clothes. It gives your look a novel appearance setting it apart from all of the different styles and designs!