Let us pick up from where we left. So, Gurmeen welcomed her daughter into this world in the year 2011. She named her Naysha, which means ‘life’. With this cute little entrant, her life came a full circle and suddenly all the ups and downs made sense. Her ‘life’ made sense altogether. While all the new mothers complain about life change and the new-mom trivia, this iron lady came up with her own brand within a year. This brand was named “Nayshaas” after her daughter. Along with being a new mother, she worked side-by-side to establish her dream of opening her own brand. So, in a year’s break time, her own brand kickstarted and she started working as a freelance designer. In the beginning, she concentrated only on bridal trousseau such as Lehengas, Anarkali, and Sarees. She was engrossed in providing the brides everything they have dreamt of for their Big Day. Her clients were very happy and satisfied with the bridal wear collection and their customized dresses. All her social circle and around the area, everybody knew who to go to for wedding wear.

The bridal wear designing went on successfully for a while. However, slowly and steadily, Gurmeen had to give more time to her daughter. She could not afford to ignore her demands and just work blatantly. Too many responsibilities occupied her daily schedule and it became difficult for her to take any more clients. If she could not deliver in a contented manner, she did not take on the project as customer satisfaction was her priority. During this period, she also started struggling with weight issues. Her confidence took a backseat because of the growing weight. As with most of the mothers, the increase in weight really hampers their self-esteem.

Why can’t I wear all my bridal clothes? Why don’t I fit into my favorite dress anymore? Do all the high-priced designer dresses of mine go waste now? Why have I gained so much weight? Well, all these questions kept playing with her head. And not just her, most women gain weight over a period of time. Why be shy and embarrassed? Why not embrace the new motherhood and the wonderful weight that comes along with it? Weight definitely does not define a person or the way they should be treated. They’re just a number and there not be any embarrassment on the basis of weight or age of a person or any physical appearance for that matter. Your nature and behavior matters the most. The values of the person must be given prime importance. Pondering on which, Gurmeen slowly gained confidence and asked herself why to make clothes only for the thin girls and target the lean minority. Therefore, her main aim became to design and make clothes for all, regardless of age, weight, and gender.

Why Buy Nayshas?

Why purchase Nayshas’ clothing? What is so special about Nayshas? Well, let’s just say everything. There are various benefits and advantages that only Nayshas, as a brand, provides because it keeps everybody into consideration. Nayshas is not just restricted to women, we also customize clothing for kids and men. Furthermore, all age groups are given the utmost attention. Right from small children to teenagers to mid-40s individuals to the oldies. Clothing for everybody is created individually as all age groups are equally important. Gurmeen realizes that we, as a person, are going to go through every age, and comfortable and beautiful-looking clothing will be a requirement always. So, why not think on those lines and make fashion for everybody! The unique features of Nayshas’ clothing are mentioned below:


Equality is in the mind, so, Gurmeen decided not to follow the regular fashion biases and make clothes for one and all.  The main USP of ‘Nayshas’ is to make clothes for all sizes, hence, the margin given in every Nayshas clothing is plentiful and much more as compared to the retail brands. No other brand, small or big, gives as much margin as Nayshas does. We completely understand the weight struggles, and our clothes embrace everyone. Nobody should feel left out and miss out on wearing any type of apparel. Now no need to be restricted anymore. We customize any type of apparel for all the sizes and ages.


Prime importance is given to females, mothers, and ladies to be precise. Our heart goes out to every woman going through such a phase, having to discard all those expensive dresses just because they became too tight. We, at Nayshas, suggest why be restricted? Why not just extend the margins? Not being able to wear all the beloved clothing only due to the margin issues is such a petty thing to worry about. Stop stacking your wardrobe with all the tight dresses. Just get them out expand and wear it. Nayshas provides plenty of margins so you can wear clothes forever and cherish the brand for a long period of time.


She is a mother, her target audience is mothers. Since she has an amazing daughter and a wonderful son, her target audience are kids. She loves to style her husband all the time for every occasion, and hence, her target audience is men. It is Gurmeen’s daily routine that connects her with the audience. She understands the customer demand in and out because her life revolves around that. That is why she assures that the audience, too, connects with her products because it relates to their lifestyle. The apparels at Nayshas

as reverberates with the emotions of all so that when they wear it, they feel like themselves in it.


10 Brilliant Tips To Shop For Your Kids Wear

Do you have a two-year-old? Buy the most expensive clothes. Two months later. They don’t fit. Or the bottoms become short. Well, this is trouble for every mother. Kids grow so fast that clothes keep getting smaller and you just have to give them away to someone else. Or just discard them. Gurmeen, being a mother herself, understands the plight of every mother and hence, Nayshas provides way higher margins for all their kidswear too. So, your child can now wear all those exclusive clothing for a longer period of time.

Something for everybody: Nayshas’ aim is to make clothing for everybody all around the world. We are a package deal and want to see everybody in Nayshas wear. Providing comfort and style in one good combination is our agenda. Nayshas is a brand for everybody. We give a full package, providing clothing for all shapes and sizes. There are no biases in the world of Nayshas on basis of size, shape, age, gender or any other type. Your entire family can boast in Nayshas’ clothing.

Wedding day, a day that a girl thinks about since her childhood, her planning for it begins when she is very young such as what she’s going to wear, how is her wedding hall going to be, etc. Each and every tiny detail about this day must be perfect. Gurmeen, as a girl who dreams wide-eyed, understands these emotions of women worldwide. She completely relates to it and customized bridal wear accordingly. Be it sangeet, wedding day or reception, she gives a variety of options to her muses. It is not acceptable to buy bridal wear that everybody is wearing. You as an individual, have your unique personality, nature, and vision. That is why it is important to wear the clothing that resonates with your being on this sacred day. Nayshaas main objective is to give the best to the brides on this day so they remember it for the rest of their lives.


We also counsel our clients who are confused about what to wear, how to style and the different ways in which a dress can be worn. Many times, clients come up with weird ideas such as they want to dress up like some celeb, maybe Kareena Kapoor. It is very evident that the actresses’ dress is not going to suit the clients’ personality. We, at Nayshas, take the honest approach and do not believe in just selling out clothing and maximizing our sales rather we want your personality to speak for itself when you dress up in Nayshas clothing. Hence, we give them honest feedback and advise them on the styles and designs that will exactly suit their personality type. We give them Style Consultations for dressing up at a particular event or function. The clients come up with such amazing feedback. Recently, a client came up after a wedding sangeet and thanked us that we did not let her wear what she initially wanted to and gave her another styled dress. She was overwhelmed as she became the star of that party and everybody was astonished seeing her look.

Ever faced a situation where you have to repeat outfits again and again for functions? Gurmeen designs outfits that you can wear in two or three different styles. So, even if you are wearing the same outfit, it will be in a different way and style so that it would not look repeated. The dress will be a complete value for money as you can wear the same on different occasions and people will not realize it is the same dress. Only spending money bluntly does not guarantee style. We, at Nayshas Design Studio, aim for economical and smart fashion. Varied patterns and styles for one particular dress gives you different type of look without spending extra money.


Since, Gurmeen worked as a senior merchandiser cum designer, all the technical parts about material and its quality was learned in a raw way by her. We, at Nayshas, usually use cottons such as handloom cotton in most of our clothing. It is the most comfortable material which feels lighter than air. The most important thing about clothes is that they should make you feel relaxed and fashionable at the same time. Comfortable fabrics are our USP. It should not be something that makes you feel very uptight because that does give a good vibe about your personality. Even Nayshas Sarees are so extremely light to wear, that even the teenagers can wear them without any calms. People can wear it according to the daily requirement. Also, this material is pocket-friendly so it is you don’t have to think twice before purchasing it.


Our tagline for Nayshas is itself “Redefine Fashion”, this is because Amazing Quirky Prints are the USP of Nayshas. Usually cotton has very normal prints everywhere and for crapes, all the brands have only florals. However, Nayshas provides a wide range of clothing with quirky prints in crape material. Even in Sarees, we have quirky prints in mull cotton fabric, so remember, it is not just for oldies, the teenagers can wear them too. Otherwise, sarees are usually found only in simple regular prints everywhere. Nayshas has personalized prints for everybody, be it kids, women, and men. Focusing on all age groups, we print suitable designs for all. Teenagers can wear personalized printed sarees, looking exclusive and trendy.


 Gurmeen Srivastav The Mastermind Behind Nayshas

At Nayshas, we strive to be a global leader in fashion outerwear by designing and empowering innovation targeting to provide complete customer satisfaction. We strive to be a well-managed and caring apparel brand for our customers, employees, and society as a whole. Gurmeen aims highly for her brand Nayshas, in fact, she believes that more than hers, its peoples’ brand. This is because the brand caters to all age groups, every gender, and every size. She wants to see everybody in Nayshas’ clothing. Her aim is to open up a store in Mumbai in the near future, and eventually all around the world. Gurmeen wants the world to know about Nayshas’ clothing and her objective is that everybody should gain awareness about it and purchase their apparel form Nayshas.

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