Festive season is here. You can see the merriment, hustle-bustle and colors all around you.

It’s time for ethnic wear. What are your plans?

If you have not yet decided what to wear this festive season, here are some suggestions for ethnic wear shopping in Mumbai.

Fasten-up your seatbelts because we’ll be going on a pretty exciting shopping ride. From “surkh rang “– red handloom kurta/plazo to “a beige color silk saree” and more, we’ll drive you through the world of exquisite dresses.

So, the first one on the list is none other than Surkh Rang – Red Handloom Kurta and Printed Plazo

Additional Tip: You can wear this amazingly crafted attire for any festive ceremony as well as usual days.

Second on the list is: Peach Blush kurta with printed plazo set.

Festivals bring a new vibe preparing you for a fresh start and a beautiful year ahead. With this Peach Blush kurta with printed plazo set, brighten up your day. Make new resolutions of living the present moment and enjoying it to the fullest.


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Hope your festivals are filled with joy and happiness.