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A material basically refers to the matter from which the thing is made or can be made. A cloth is made from a large selection of fibers which could be cellulose, synthetic or natural and could be either knitted or woven. The Natural fabrics are produced from natural fibers that are produced from animals, plants and other geological processes. They are good sweat absorbents and can be worn comfortably in hot and humid climates. At Nayshas, we use natural fabrics to make our clothing eco-friendly and minimize any health hazards. Even for Indian summers, the natural fabrics used are breathable, soft and wick away the moisture. Natural Fabrics such as linen are lightweight and durable. Therefore, Nayshas makes sure that all the clothing is made of natural materials so that even people with sensitive skin can wear them without any complaints of allergy or rashes.


The most prevalent fiber in the entire world is cotton. Basically, cotton comes from the cotton plant’s seedpod and hence, it is a natural fiber. Under the microscope, the fiber resembles a twisted ribbon and is hollow at the center. Cotton can be either knit or woven into a cloth. It is well-known for its versatility, strength, and breathability. Cotton is so versatile that whether blended or alone, it outsells all the other fibers combined. Consumers are aware that cotton-made fabrics put forth visual appeal, natural comfort, value, and durability. Many fabric types are made from cotton at various price points. The caring instructions of cotton is easy and it is comfortable to wear all year round. It absorbs the moisture and sweat. This fabric is perfect for dresses, skirts, blouses, children’s clothes, pants, etc. because it is durable, strong, comfortable, and easy to handle.


Carvan- men’s shirt

For all the metrosexual men out there, here is the perfect Men’s White Shirt for you with Caravan Print. It is made up of cotton and that is why it is comfortable to wear. This cool shirt is digitally printed and looks unique when worn. Your confidence is going to cross new boundaries as you wear this exceptional piece from Nayshas. The fabric keeps you cool in summers as it absorbs the sweat and moisture. Since cotton fabric is used, the shirt is strong and durable and gives you a relaxed look at the same time.


Basically, a loom that is used to weave the cloth without any use of electricity is called as a ‘handloom’. These looms are generally located in weaver’s homes and are done on frame looms or pit looms. It is done by interweaving of the warp and the weft threads, i.e. the one that is thrown across and the other that is woven respectively. The loom is the equipment that facilitates this interlacing. The handloom fabric is comfortable, durable, and soft because of the human-handling of the yarn in the process of weaving. In comparison to the mill made cotton, the handloom cotton is well-known for its breathability. This fabric is softer, cooler and more absorbent allowing more air penetration. That is why it keeps one warm in winters and cooler in summers.


Lime green handloom cotton long dress with emerald color piping on the neck

This wonderful, sleek and elegant lime green long dress is made up of handloom cotton. It had an emerald color piping on the neck, sleeve-round and the back of the dress had a bow of the same emerald color. This bow and loop detailing makes the dress look even more fabulous. It is a sleeveless dress, however, the extra sleeves are attached on the inside of this dress. The front of the dress is subtle, stylish and sophisticated while the back is attractive and eye-catching. Since the dress is made of handloom cotton, it is soft, durable and comfortable at the same time.


A highly textured fabric with patterns that are woven into the fabric and not printed is called as Jacquard Cotton Fabric. In 1804, a French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented this fabric and hence, it is named after him. It serves a lot of purposes and depending upon the content and thickness of fibers used in the weave, the fabric varies. The lightweight one is used for designing summer or spring apparel. The Jacquard Cotton Fabric has a raised pattern design, mostly including paisleys, florals, animal patterns, or damask. It is opaque, breathable, soft, and it can be worn all year round. The fabric is also easy to care. The Jacquard cotton is suitable for dresses, pants, blouses, jackets, shirts, tops, and skirts. This fabric is wrinkle-free and makes up for amazing drapes. The Jacquard Cotton is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and environmental-friendly. This eco-friendly fabric has a double-sided pattern that can be a two-tone or multi-colored. It is slightly concave on one side while convex on the other. So it is basically a mirror-like reflection such as if on one side, there are dark colors, the other side is bright.


Surkh Rang – Red Handloom Kurta / Print Plazo

With intricate loop detailing on the front and the sleeve cuffs, this kurta looks stylish and elegant in every possible way. This masterpiece is made up of handloom jacquard cotton fabric. It is paired with a red bagh print on the white plazo base which gives it a traditional twist. The set looks urbane and fashionable. This kurta is very soft, breathable and easy to care because of the Jacquard Cotton Fabric used. This kurta and palazzo set is an amazing addition to your wardrobe and will add charm to your ethnic look.


The blend of both fibers, cotton, and silk such that the positive characteristics of each are combined into a single textile is called as Cotton Silk Fabric. It is a hybrid fabric that is silky, lightweight, and comfortable. The weave is sturdy and just like a soft hand-feel silken drape. Also, depending on the percentages of each put in, the elasticity and feel of the fabric varies. Being a versatile fabric, it is suitable for a large variety of garment uses. It is durable in nature and can be machine washed and hung dry. However, dry cleaning is recommended. This fabric can be used in various types of clothing, linens and furniture coverings.


Mull cotton is an extremely soft and sheer muslin fabric. It has a plain and open weave and characteristically, it is made from cotton, viscose, and silk. In the 17th Century, the first Mull fabrics were made and were called as ‘Mulmul’. This was derived from the Hindi word, ‘malmal’ which means muslin. The Cotton Mull is a very fine fabric, mainly intended to be used for clothing garments like blouses, dresses, underlining, and nightwear. This is because it feel very soft on the skin and has a sheer apparent finish. Even in interior designing, cotton mull has become a regular popular choice because of its feathery nature. It is a natural and eco-friendly fabric which is lightweight in nature.


Just fly high with this dress and look like a Barbie doll. With elaborate aircraft print on this mull cotton fabric dress, it is rightly called as Udan Khatola. This is a long and short dress and the quirky print is its USP. The fabric used is very soft. The back of the dress is long and front is short, and the upper back of the dress is made up of cotton silk in fuchsia color. This dress is made for flaunting and with one side slit it looks stunning when you deck up in it. 

Mull Cotton is the most preferred fabric as it looks beautiful when worn and at the same time, it does not make one feel uncomfortable. We at Nayshaas, have a huge variety of dresses, sarees and other Traditional and Western Wear made in Mull Cotton fabric. For a variety of Mull Cotton Ethnic Wear dresses, you can also have a look at Nayshas website


The word ‘Ikat’ is derived from the Malay word ‘mengikat’, meaning to bind or to tie. Ikkat Cotton is basically an elaborate dying process done with cotton fabrics. The threads are tied together tightly and dipped into a dye. The final result of which is a cloth piece bathed and glittered in pretty colorful patterns. The pattern might also have a ‘hazy’ look when the fabric is woven because of the mottles and uneven appearance of the threads. This well-known technique has its origins in various parts of the world like Central Asia, South America, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. It is one of the most ancient dyeing fabric techniques. Before the cloth is weaved, the ikat Patterns are dyed and bound into the threads. So it is different from the Tie and Dye process because the fabric is first woven in that procedure. A Cotton Ikat weave saree can be thoroughly washes in the machine rather than a dry cleaning session requirement. The ironing should be done at moderate temperature levels.


Originated from the Indian Subcontinent, khadi or khaddar is a hand-woven natural fiber cloth which is mainly made out of cotton. It is handspun into a yarn on a spinning wheel which is called as a charkha. Khadi Cotton is versatile in nature as it is warm in winters and cool in summers. It is an icon and an integral part of the Swadeshi movement in India in the 1920s. This cloth can also be mill-spun or mill-woven which is easier to manufacture and the texture is also uniform. Due to this, the price is also considerably less. The prime benefit of Khadi Cotton is that it is a body-friendly fabric which does not cause any irritation or allergy to the skin. The fabric has a coarse effect similar to linen and is very popular among the youngsters today.


A textile fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant (also known as linseed) is called as Linen. This flax undergoes the retting process which is bacterial rotting before it can be made into Linen. The manufacturing of linen is very laborious. However, the fabric is absorbent, sturdy, strong and dries even faster than cotton. Just like the other fabrics, linen also can be printed on or embroidered on for creating the various designs and patterns as per the creativity of the designers working on the masterwork. Linen is actually one of the oldest fabric that are known to Man as there are evidences that its manufacturing dates back to Egypt, about 4000 years ago. It was worn by the wealthier people in the society that time because it is more difficult to manufacture this fabric as compared to other materials. Now in the modern days, linen is widely used in the fashion industries for creating dresses, shirts, pants and for Indian Ethnic wear such as Salwar Kameez sets and Linen Sarees. Linen is a refreshing fabric and very cool to wear which is perfect for the high temperatures of the Indian subcontinent especially. Its care is a bit tedious as compared to cotton but it is very comfortable.

Linen Sarees make you look so sophisticated and it is indefinitely the preferred choice of the connoisseurs. Right from the closets of professional women to Celebrity Wardrobes, linen sarees are at the core of every woman’s heart who has an excellent taste. These light drapes might look classy and fashionable but they are very heavy on the pocket. However, the high prices have not hampered the huge demand of it in any way as people still are willing to buy these exclusive and expensive pieces. The reason for the high prices is because linen production is done from the flax plant and the process is intensive as well as expensive. The best quality linens are breathable, very soft and just billow away from the body. They last much longer than the other natural fabrics and absorb moisture as well.