Well, it’s that time again! The kids have outgrown the clothes or there is too much wear and tear of their clothes. Well, run to the stores and shop, but before that, just a few tips for you to remember. These pro-tips will help you to shop kids wear smartly, save up on money and also buy clothes that last long. Smart shopping is always better than splurging mindlessly.

  1. Repurpose Clothing:

Well, if you’re a mom with a tall child, you very well know that how much ever big clothes you buy, the jeans tend to be short in one or a maximum of two months. What to do? Again go shopping? No! Just cut them short even more and make them a pair of shorts. This method is best if your child has outgrown the old clothes and if they have become worn out. Also notice that if the child has his toes entangles in the feet of the pajamas, just cut off the feet and make it last for a good six months more. With a few basic skills of sewing, the shirts with long sleeves can be made into short ones. Even the worn-out clothes can be altered and repaired a little and used. For instance, a t-shirt under a dungaree can be worn with shorts or a skirt as well. In this way, you do not have to purchase matching wear for making every clothing set when you can mix and match and make your kids look great nevertheless.

  1. Skip The Holiday Clothing:

It is the dream of all parents to dress up their child for the upcoming festivals and other family occasions. However, when you dress our children in specific Christmas clothes, those ties and vests are not used anymore after the festive season is over. So, this is actually a big waste of money. Just one or two uses of such clothes in the holiday season and you have to throw them out as anyways they will not fit the next year. One can buy special holiday outfits for the children but at the same time, receive more utilization out of it. The clothes purchased should be such that they can be used for other functions as well such as the first day of school, birthday or even Easter. Fancy clothes can be taken but such that can be worn at friends’ parties, society functions, school parties, etc. so that they are used multiple times and come to be value for money.

  1. Purchase Gender-Neutral Clothing:

This is a master tip to purchase clothing that is gender-neutral if you plan to have more than one child. Just don’t throw away the clothes of the first baby. This is because anyways if you have a second child, the newborn wears similar clothes, be it a girl or a boy. If the clothes are green, yellow or tan, they can be paired with cute little bow ties or pretty hairbands, for making the outfits gender-specific. This can be done with nursery items too which can actually save up loads of money. Unless you want a specific colored item for a particular gender, you just have to add only a few articles depending on the requirements. Many times, jeans worn by a boy can be worn by a girl without looking odd. So look for such ways to dress both your children in universal clothes without them looking funny. For the newborns, all kids wear are almost the same irrespective of gender.

  1. Sales And Clearances:

Always, always look out for sales! Whenever the brand that you like is giving a grand sale or holiday discounts, just purchase for future seasons and years as well. Just buy all larger sizes so that it will be easy for you to find wonderful baby accessories. Sales are always better because why buy something at full price if you can get up to 50-60% off on the regular retail price? The seasonal items are put up on sale by the departmental stores as they have to make room for the new arrivals and the upcoming season collections. Just don’t think twice and take advantage of these sales and check out the clearance racks, aisles, and shelves that have discounted products. You might not even find anything that fits the children right now, but just think ahead of time. Also, exclusive items can be available at good prices so better buy them at cheap rates rather than the full price. Your children are going to keep growing even if you don’t want them to so better buy the best items but at the highest concessions.

  1. Clothing Swaps:

There are various clothing swap activities that happen in many places. Many community buildings, church basements and little fleas have these activities of swapping clothes for the children. One can trade their children’s outgrown clothes in exchange for clothes that they can use now. You can even make a group of your own for clothes swapping or just contact family members and friends with kids of the same age to do so. This idea is widely appreciated in most places. Everybody loves a variety of clothes without having to spend extra and also saves room in the cupboard as old clothes are given. You can contact all the mom friends and decide to meet up every six-monthly for swapping the clothing of your kids. Hosting can be done consecutively by each member of the group. This is also a wonderful opportunity to get together and discuss mom and kids shopping. Buying clothes as good as new but at the price of cheap stakes is a dream for many and consignment shops fulfill it successfully.

  1. Concentrate On Buying The Right Fabric:

Having the right fabric for your children’s clothes is very important as they have to wear it the entire day. The fabrics must be made out of natural fibers that will not irritate the skin because materials like linen are at times scratchy and wool can cause the skin to become itchy. Also, manmade fabrics like viscose and polyester make the kids feel very hot and uncomfortable. One thing you can do is feel the clothes with your hand and just think if you can wear such a thing an entire day and not being able to remove them on your own. This is because they might not even tell you that they are getting irritated due to the fabric unless you remove them at the end of the day to find out new rashes and itching redness. At the same time, if you want tougher fabrics that are sturdy which do not wear out even after thorough play and putting them a thousand times in the washing machine.

Shop at Nayshas for:

Daisy Print: This top is made of soft mull cotton fabric. The lining used is also cotton. Your kid is going to look gorgeous as ever wearing this daisy print peplum top with elbow sleeves. Let your little one feel like a daisy wearing this beautiful top.

  1. Always Go For Patterns:

Do you know one important thing about patterned clothes? They hide the dirt very well. Kids tend to get very dirty during their play sessions and you cannot guide them to play carefully as that will take away all their joy from the game. Bright colors must be chosen for children, be it for girls or boys. Restriction of certain colors for boys and girls uniquely will cause limited choices and encourage gender-stereotypical behavior. Kids are kids, and buy all colors for all kids and patterns are always preferred to make the clothes look new for a long time. Plainclothes tend to look dirtier as the dust and stains are seen more visibly. This might make your kids look dull at the end of the day even if they have worn that outfit for the first or second time.

Shop at Nayshas for:

Bumble Bee Set: An off-shoulder top paired with an elasticated skirt with side pockets. This is made of soft mull cotton which is very comfortable to the skin of children.

Bumble Bee Set

Also, both the frilled top as well as the skirt has a cotton lining that gives the children’s’ skin a soft feel. It is actually a must-have for your child’s wardrobe.

Pinjara Print Top

Pinjara Print Top: This is a beautiful off-shoulder top with pinjara print on it. It has cotton lining which makes this top comfortable to wear for your little one.

Also, we can customize the same for the moms who want to do twinning with their little girl. Any special customization that is required can be requested by the clients and it is done beautifully according to the demand.

  1. Consignment Shops:

Well, the best way to save up on kid’ s clothing is to hit those consignment shops because many times you can find amazing clothes that look hardly ever worn while some even have tags on them. Yet you get all these outfits at extremely cheap prices. Keep a check on such consignment shops, garage sales, thrift stores, goodwill shops, and other used-clothing stores. Just a pro-tip that examine well the clothes you are buying at these shops and look out for any rips, stains, and overall wear and tear. Some shops have a rigorous process for examining clothes before putting them on sale while others do not really inspect the clothes well. That is why it is better to check all clothes with an open eye rather than regretting getting the purchased items home.

  1. Take An Inventory Before Shopping:

Before you take out your shopping bag and leave for the kid’s stores, just invest half an hour to open the closet and see what they already have. Just have a good look as to what all clothes can be used ahead of and which ones they don’t wear at all because they no longer fit or due to wear and tear. Also, if some outfits are not worn by the kids for like over a year, immediately get rid of those items.  Some of clothes might have stains on it and will not look good if the kids wear the, just remove all of these inundated items that cannot be worn ever and make space for the new stuff that you’re going to get. Also, if you need some accessories with some of the clothes, just note them down so you know what is required currently before you shop. The display at the kid’s store is very attractive and you might be tempted. But this list will help you decide what you actually want and stop you from buying anything extra that you are attracted to.

  1. Communicate Expectations:

Well, it is well known that communication is the key to healthy and harmonious relationships. Even in a parent-child relationship, mutual respect is very important. Know what they want, how much is it for, and if it fits your budget, then you can buy them the thing that is right for them. However, if they put up unrealistic expectations, clearly saying a no is always the perfect choice. A child does not need to be spoilt by giving everything that he asks for, but conveying to him that it is of a high price and cannot be afforded at the moment will prepare him for the big struggle of life. He will be prepared for the long run once things are communicated to him in an honest yet kind manner. Even at the clothing stores, kids might force the mother or throw tantrums for buying things, but the key is to maintain patience at that point in time. Just be relaxed and untouched by the fits thrown, and carry on with your shopping, when the kids see that there is no changing the minds of the mothers, they immediately come back into composure. Whenever a kid is paid special attention to, he will throw more outbursts. So the key is to maintain peace and calm.

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