Peoples ‘opinion’ doesn’t matter but our ‘impressions’ do.  Today, people derive conclusions about our personality by the way we look. So it is important we carry our self as strong as our mind & soul. The dressing is an art & we need to conquer this art. Women don’t dress the same way they did 10 years ago. There is no limit to fashion. There is always some scope left where we can do something out of the box. We need to respect the occasion & dress accordingly. It is important to dress as per the occasion to suit the mood of the event & flow with the same vibe as others. Today, we are going to put together some outfit, which you too can carry easily with grace & charm. We at Nayshas love to style you and therefore, offering you the most amazing dressing ideas which can be worn on various occasions given below:

1. WEDDINGS: To dress for a wedding isn’t really difficult. All the ladies out there can go for lehengas. A simple lehenga can do wonders for you. You don’t need to opt for a heavily embroidered or sequined one. Even a simple one can make you look elegant. If you are planning to invest in lehenga then Zardozi, Gotta-Patti or Velvet is advisable. These are some evergreen trend which can never go out of fashion. You can go for a floor-length gown or Anarkali dress if it’s a distant wedding. One should choose bright colors if it’s a daytime wedding as it will enhance your look. Accessorizing is the key. You can wear long earrings or Jhumkas. This is the most perfect accessory. For men, it has to be tuxedo or sherwani if it’s an Indian themed wedding. It looks so royal and classy. You can choose a color as per the time & season. A formal shirt is also a safe option to style.

2. COLLEGE WEAR: Yes, we do understand many colleges have a dress code to be followed. But we have some ideas which will suit every type. Jeans are go-to when it comes to college. You can pair it up with a t-shirt, shirt or sweatshirt. You can tuck the same and cinch it with a belt. This will give a little edge to your look. To make it look more casual & funky you can wear white sneakers with it. This will also make you feel comfortable yet stylish at the same time. Creating an indo-western look for college is also a great idea. Kurtis or tunics with ripped jeans look super classy. You can also wear jumper dresses or jumpsuit. This will keep you covered & also give that extra spice to beat your daily casual look. I absolutely love BLUSH GIRL LONG DRESS from Nayshas. It’s a long cotton dress with self-embroidered Buttas all over it. It has little puffed sleeves which make it look feminine. The main attraction of the outfit has to be the back cut. It has an ongoing combination of V neckline, buttons & dome cut. It’s almost an ankle-length dress which makes it wearable to college. Also, don’t forget to blush every time you get compliments for this Blush dress. Guys, on the other hand, can rock college days with shirts or t-shirts. To add an element of twist they can pair it with joggers. This will rock the look.

3. OFFICE WEAR: Whether you love it or hate it, we all know that work is an integral part of our life. Before heading for office we all have so many tasks to be done & hence we end up having very little time or no time to think about our self or our dress. However, dressing for the office can be a little tricky as we have to follow the code of conduct. But we are going to boost your 9-5 style game with some great outfits today. Plain crisp shirt with pencil skirt added with pumps can be an ideal dress for any body shape or size. A Blazer can be a game-changer. It gives the illusion of a boss lady. Also one can invest in a nice set of pantsuit. Further, you can use it as an individual piece also. You can also layer blazer of pantsuit on top of a white shirt or wear it as a whole. As far as men are considered blazer is the most essential. If you are someone who wants to go for semi-formals then you can pair your shirt with trousers, chinos, corduroy pants or khakis. You can enhance your look with just a simple yet elegant black or bag laptop bag. This will automatically balance your look.

4. WEEKEND WITH FRIENDS: We all have friends & we love them. Gossip, shopping, hogging all at the same time. But that’s how friends are. We all have days when we hang out with our friends. It is important to carry yourself as we tend to document everything on social media. Statement top along with skinny jeans & bright sandals, Denim jacket & skirt, Jumpsuit & statement clutch, Boyfriend Jeans crop top & heels, White Blazer & black shorts, etc are some of the paired outfits which you can carry easily. Guys can go for something casual like jeans, denim shirts, Bomber jackets or white sneakers.  

5. DINNER DATE: It’s probably a dream for every girl out there to look her best on this very special day. So many hopes & excitement.  As far as dinner is considered with a twist of date red and black can be the most appropriate colors. Black & red both match with the vibe of the dinner date. Girls can go for one piece in either of the colors or even a long maxi dress will do. To finish the look, add pop color heels & a watch. Sheer, lacy, prints are some options you can play with to attain your desired outfit. It is important to be yourself while going for a date. Hence one should avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is equally important to work on your make-up because you don’t want to end up looking plasticky. Simple & minimalistic make-up which looks almost natural can make you look a hundred times prettier. Men wearing a crisp shirt look smart. Black, white, red shirts look super classy on men. A plain t-shirt layered with a jacket or coat can enhance your look. A good watch & shoes can completely turn the look. For men, investing in a watch & shoes is advisable.                                      

6. COCKTAIL PARTY: A cocktail party can be defined as a classic event where cocktails and other drinks are served. It can be for both social and business purposes. It is sometimes also known as a cocktail reception. A full-length long dress can be a good option. If you want to get it stitched then the white floral maxi dress would be the most exclusive choice. Indo-westerns are also a nice combination for cocktails. A full-length skirt with crop top can make your look stand out. If you are someone who can carry saree with the same grace then you can try one from Nayshas.  The Black & White saree from their range is a delight for the soul. It is a cotton printed saree yet when accessorized properly you can wear it for a cocktail party too. Clutch can complement the overall look of the saree.

7. CORPORATE MEETINGS: What you wear for your meeting is as important as what you wore on the very first day of your interview. You cannot simply put your jeans & crop top to the meeting. This will not create a good impression. A professional must carry themselves in accordance with professionalism. To establish connections it is important to make a strong & bold impression. Before deciding your attire it is important to evaluate what your company is a casual working company or a corporate company. If it’s a casual one you can go for semi-formal also. Trousers, chinos with a chiffon shirt or turtleneck blouse will look elegant yet classy. If you have to follow the dress code then blazer is a very premium option. It gives the illusion of a boss lady. You can accessorize the same with a good bag. It can work as add on to your look. A bag can make or break your look in real sense. You can wear nude or black color pumps or ballerinas. It will give an edge to the whole outfit

8. LOUNGING AT HOME: On a normal day when we are off to some work or college we tend to invest a lot of time to decide how to style clothes & what to wear. But when it’s a home day, we all tend to be sloppy & I feel that’s how it should be. It’s our own home we can really be however we want to be. We can be careless & carefree at the same time. Being at home I want to be me & feel cozy so my obvious choice has to be oversized & loose clothes. We should opt for something in which we feel comfortable. Simple pajamas & t-shirt are a good combo. You can also replace cotton shorts with pajamas. I use to feel that I am the only one who wears old, ugly & ill-fitted clothes at home. But later I realized I am not the only one who thinks like this. There are a number of people around including guys who like to be sloppy at home. Do comment down below & let us know about your go-to wear dress for home.

9. FAMILY REUNION: It is our own family yet we need to think & invest time in our outfit. We can wear casual but not even too casual because we know we will end up taking pictures at the end of the meet & too casual would not be appropriate. There are certainly no rules for what to wear, but one should dress in accordance with the family’s code. Tunics, sweatshirts, sweaters dress, jeans, jeggings, etc. can be a good go-to option. These outfits when mixed & match are safe players yet can make you look stylish. If you are a skirt lover then you can check Nayshas NOMAD SKIRT. It’s a blue colored handloom skirt. This color is appropriate for both summers & winters. It’s a knee-length skirt hence making it convenient for family parties & dinners. It has side pockets for storage. You can pair it up with a black/ white camisole or any satin blouse will look super stylish.

10. SANGEET/MEHENDI: A sangeet is one of the grand pre-wedding functions which involves a lot of dance & grove. So while finalizing the outfit one must make sure it is comfortable so you can dance your heart out there.  When it comes to Sangeet all girls out there have a zillion of outfit to choose from. To hold on to that vibe we make sure to wear something glamorous that makes your heart flutter & soul sparkle. From dainty lehengas to Anarkali or gown you can test your style. You can also go for a saree, the most sensational option. Sharara & jumpsuits are breaking the old stereotype. Drape, frills, lace are perfect to add a premium look to your outfit. However one should keep the color scheme in mind as it depends on location to location. Pastels, dark hues, earthy tones, metallic colors are the most commonly found color as far as sangeet is concerned. All beautiful ladies out there do rock the look & tag us if you recreate any look. We would love to see your love.

Men can go for an indo-western look. New drape kurtas are very much among men. Nehru jackets are versatile. It can serve many different occasions so investing in one such can take you long run.